It’s more then just a preventative project.

For high school and middle school aged students.





The main goal of EXIT Tour is to fulfill the minimal preventative program, and offers so much more. Besides the education, interesting preventative lecturers, it offers also a concert with the band from abroad, musical interactive seminars, team-building interactive seminars with group members and many afternoon activities that provide possibilities to gain new friendships and trust.


From TV broadcast to school program.

From Czech Republic to Slovakia and further to Europe.


EXIT 316 | Beginning in television

EXIT Tour began in the Czech Republic as a part of a TV show on Czech television. The TV show was aimed to the young generation and introduced life values and attitudes supporting healthy lifestyle and also possibilities how to solve everyday problems in the light of traditional Christian values.


Originally there were recorded 17 episodes of the EXIT 316 TV show, but their success led to further agreement with the television. From 2006 to 2009 there were 80 episodes of the first and second seasons with the name EXIT 316 Mission. Audiences of the broadcast in the Czech Republic were around 200,000 viewers. The program got an award, “The Ecumenical Act of the Year’ – a Czech television post the TV series online as the viewers requested.


The EXIT Tour project started to create a bridge between the TV show, which addressed thousands of young people and EXIT Clubs, which worked with young people during the whole year.

EXIT Tour | From television into schools

The creators of the TV Show, Czech television and KAM (Kresťanská Akadémia Mladých) decided not just continue to broadcast the program in the television but KAM also introduced the idea of the lectures in schools. The desire was to bring the TV program and what it offers directly to schools among the students. So EXIT Tour became sort of the bridge between the TV show and its viewers. The program started at schools in 2008 in the Czech Republic. Just in the first two-years, EXIT Tour in the Czech Republic visited 16 towns, 42 schools and addressed 8,220 students. After this success, in 2010 EXIT Tour expanded also into Poland and Slovakia and later on to Estonia. The project plans to spread also to other countries. Until, 2015, there were participating:











Cooperation in the town.

Involvement of the town, schools, parents, organizations working with youth.





The main initiator and organizer of the EXIT Tour in Slovakia is Training Center Kompas (TCKompas), the long years partner organization of KAM. Training Center Kompas is a non-profit organization dealing with educational work with a goal to fulfill and develop physical, personal and spiritual needs of young people.


We prepare the program in cooperation with chosen high schools and partners of EXIT Tour. Our partners are organizations doing lectures and education in the area of precaution, local non-profit organizations and official churches who are regularly working with local youth and music bands from USA and/or Great Britain. We also try to include local governments and association of parents and friends of the schools, and prepare for them lecture if wanted.